This information may help to identify certain factors (e.g., health status, medications, behaviors, environmental factors) that are exacerbating or diminishing the impact of the disease on individuals and/or on its spread. The findings are intended to help the scientific and medical communities make smart decisions when developing preventative and treatment solutions to COVID-19 and when providing care for those affected.
For more information about COVID-19, including how to protect yourself and what to do if you're sick, visit the CDC website.


This study is virtual

The study has deployed a proprietary mobile application and digital platform (Obvio-19) to over 800 Americans in order to map their journeys during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, remotely enrolling, tracking symptoms, and identifying the immune system response over a period of 6 months.

This study is observational and self-reporting

The app will prompt participants with questions regarding symptoms and overall health for a period of 6 months. Some of the participants may be sent an at-home test kit, when they become available in the US, to determine if they have ever been infected with the virus.

About the Researchers

Obvio-19 is an observational registry sponsored by ObvioHealth, a leading digital health research organization. ObvioHealth’s mission is to help people through research by making the experience more convenient for participants, while providing meaningful real-world data to companies. ObvioHealth’s pioneering tech platform and proprietary app bring research into the real world, removing barriers to data collection and allowing subjects to participate in research from the comfort of their homes.

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Founded in 2017 by SPRIM, ObvioHealth is backed by Tikehau Capital (TKO:FP) and IQVIA (NYSE: IQV), a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and contract research services to the life sciences industry, with operations in more than 100 countries.